Biden Resumes Presidential Duties Following Colonoscopy

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Nov. 19, 2021 -- President Joe Biden is successful “good spirits” pursuing his travel to Walter Reed infirmary contiguous for his archetypal yearly physical exam and regular colonoscopy arsenic commander-in-chief, according to White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki.

A colonoscopy is simply a aesculapian procedure wherever doctors analyse your ample intestine (colon) and your rectum.

A flexible conduit with a tiny camera astatine the extremity is inserted wrong your rectum, truthful that doctors tin cheque for signs of colon cancer, bleeding, oregon immoderate different abnormalities.

Because Biden went nether anesthesia -- a attraction that makes you sleepy and prevents you from feeling pain -- helium temporarily transferred statesmanlike powerfulness to Vice President Kamala Harris, making her the archetypal pistillate successful U.S. past to service arsenic acting president, though lone for astir 90 minutes.

The 25th amendment to theConstitution allows for this transportation of powerfulness erstwhile a president is incapable to fulfill their duties. These powers are past shifted to the vice president, until the president documents successful penning that helium can, erstwhile again, afloat resume his role.

Biden, who turns 79 tomorrow, is the oldest president successful U.S. history.

His wellness has been a blistery topic of speech since helium announced helium was moving for office.

In 2019, Kevin O’Connor, DO, the White House doc and Biden’s idiosyncratic doc for implicit a decade, released a papers with details connected Biden’s health.

The study said that Biden had been taking the cause Eliquis to assistance forestall humor clots, Crestor to little his triglycerides and cholesterol, Nexium for acerb reflux, Allegra for allergies, and a nasal spray.

The papers besides stated that the president had been receiving attraction for atrial fibrillation, oregon an irregular heartbeat.

But O’Conner said overall, then-presidential campaigner Biden was “a healthy, vigorous, 77-year-old male, who is fit to successfully execute the duties of the Presidency.”

Biden has had superior wellness scares successful the past, including a encephalon aneurysm erstwhile helium served arsenic a U.S. legislator successful 1988.

Other procedures successful Biden’s aesculapian past see gall bladder removal successful 2003, assorted surgeries for bone injuries, and the removal connected nonmelanoma tegument cancers.

Biden is inactive scheduled to be the yearly White House turkey pardoning ceremonial successful the Rose Garden today.

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