Neymar Jr. cut a streaming deal with Facebook Gaming

5 months ago 111

Never caput trying to attract Twitch legends to rival services— Facebook Gaming conscionable landed 1 of the world's biggest sports personalities. Soccer prima Neymar Jr. has signed a woody to livestream exclusively connected Facebook, with his archetypal authoritative broadcast starting December 17th astatine 2PM Eastern on his page. He'll watercourse games "multiple times" per period and brace with different creator erstwhile each month.

Don't expect the Paris Saint-Germain guardant to play FIFA contempt his real-world skills. Varietynoted Neymar antecedently streamed the likes of Call of Duty and Counter-Strike connected Twitch, and we wouldn't regularisation retired immoderate Fortnite erstwhile helium appeared successful the game earlier this year.

The woody won't needfully displacement the equilibrium of livestreaming distant from Twitch and YouTube, and we wouldn't expect galore much deals similar this. There are lone truthful galore top-tier athletes who are funny capable successful video games to livestream them, aft all. When Neymar has implicit 88 cardinal Facebook followers, though, this could easy pb to ample audiences and rise Facebook Gaming's profile.

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